Last Updated on February 12, 2022

The old saying “you are what you wear” still holds true. But in this case, I’ll rephrase the verbatim to “you are what you use” Especially if you are looking for the best product money can buy.

A Luxury cooler is an indication of status as well as money well spent on a cooler.  Today we have one of the big players in the luxury cooler sphere – Sovaro. Known for their meticulous crafted coolers, every inch of detail is a masterpiece. Impeccable design, and timeless durability can only be described by someone that has used sovaro.

Sovaro Hard Cooler Sizes and Their Actual Capacities


Sovaro Coolers Key Features

Some people want to appear cool and that’s exactly what you get using one of these. Besides, it has a combination of design and function, which to many first-hand users is an overkill. So, what make the sovaro luxury chest the rolls Royce of coolers?

Simply put; it’s features.

The materials engineered into the product are premium, from the cork insulation to air-tight rubber gasket makes it a class above those coolers you find from pharmaceutical stores or gas stations.


Features you’ll find the the interior: s

Cork Insulation

While Rotomold construction in high-end often get all the headlines, Sovaro utilize a special material in its construction known as cork.

The cork is made out of an impermeable buoyant material. This is gotten from the phellem layer of bark tissue. Sovaro on their website went further to explain cork is highly insulating and resistant to mold or mildew.

Not only does it protect the cooler from UV heat, increase ice performance but offers some kind of attention that will elevate your style.

Air-Tight Rubber Gasket

The rubber gasket is durable while it also ensures a perfect seal between the lid and the base.  Of course, the rubber gasket is not a freezer grade but it is constructed in a way that seal the lid tight.

Interior Height

Thoughtfully designed, the interior depth ensures your wine and champagne bottles are kept upright. Ideal, for any cocktail party.

One-Touch Latch

Tired of pulling down latches to secure your cooler? One-touch latch is a simple button you press to open the cooler. To lock the cooler just snap shut and it seals automatically.

Transparent Divider

Inside the cooler the transparent divider help organize the cooler. Particularly, it ensures your cold items and dry items don’t come in contact. That said, the divider also adds to the interior aesthetics. Indeed, the small details are of utmost importance to the overall outlook of any product and sovaro are not taking any chance.

Transparent Liner

The interior is coated with an easy to clean liner which is scratch resistant.  What’s more, it goes further to provide a protective seal to keep the cork appearance shinning continuously.


Exterior design first catches the eyes, then function follows next.  Let’s look at what makes the sovaro exterior a spectacle:

Exterior Height

Exterior height of their coolers is quite average, with the smallest measuring 17 3/4″ X 23 1/9″ X 16 5/8” Yes, it could serve as a seating space. Thanks to the strong and thick lid.

Also, the exterior height provides for ample interior space. This is why it’s accommodates champagne and spirit bottles even when kept upright.

Side Handles

The side handles provide for easy grip. It doesn’t protrude much on the sides, enabling the cooler to be stored in tight spaces. Comfortable grip makes it easy for users lifting the cooler to do so effortlessly.

Extension Handle (Telescoping Handle)

Telescoping handles are even better options when it comes to optimized transportation. There are times when lifting the cooler becomes rather cumbersome especially when it’s filled, telescoping handle are used to roll the wheeled cooler for ease of transportation.

Additionally, it pulls out and retracts with no trouble whatsoever.

Friction Hinges

While some cooler need a hand to hold the lid, and the other to get drinks. Sovaro utilize friction hinges to keep the cooler lid open, moreover, it also releases at halfway for easy close.

The friction hinges allow the cooler to stay upright for as long as possible. You won’t have issues with inadvertent shutting of the lid with this one.

Drainage Plug

By far one of the best features of the sovaro cooler is the drainage mechanism. Its ability to channel excess liquids while the wheels and handle balance to allow for easy tilt to purge out water through the rear is simply amazing.

This comes handy when you don’t want to risk mixing all the contents of the cooler when drainage the cooler.


Mobility is what you get from the sovaro. Two heavy-duty wheels help the cooler to roll on smooth and rough surfaces.

Wall Construction

No, it’s not rotomolded. However, the craftsmen infuse a four layered wall for maximum ice retention.

Constructed with polycarbonate inner and outer casing, besides the polycarbonate is bullet proof. Thick walled cork insulation and a UV resistant material that blocks up to 97% radiation from the sun.


The accessories provide optimal efficiency for your cooler. Since the accessories are produced by the manufacturers of the cooler, you don’t have to improvise some flimsy parts to fit in.

Sovaro Prep Tray

 Sovaro is full of surprises, in fact, rarely will you see any cooler have a prep tray which provides a storage area for other items, while the countertop serves as a cutting board to slice and prepare cocktails. The prep tray covers a small side close to the lid, you’d have to lift the countertop to have access to the items inside.


Yet another excellent feature is the transparent divider that allow for appropriate arrangement within the interior space. It comes in handy when you need to keep your drinks, meat and beverages separate. You’ll appreciate that some models such as the 45 and 70-quart models allow up to two dividers. However, you’ll have to open your bank as the second divider is not for free.

Where To Buy Sovaro Coolers?

Sovaro’s are as luxurious as they are expensive. Knowing where to buy them at their original prices will not only save you incurring charges but give you the real worth of what your money is paying for.

There are two alternatives which we recommend users to buy their sovaro coolers from; Amazon or the official website. On Amazon, you would be able to read reviews from people that have used the coolers stating either the pros and cons. This will give you more insight on the product you want to buy.

It is of worth noting that the prices of the sovaro varies depending on the color option.

Sovaro Coolers – Are they Worth it?

The worth of a product is often measured by its price. That’s why people have always asked whether spending a couple of hundred dollars over a cooler is worth buying.

For sovaro, it combines two things; luxury and function. Believe it or not, it is a kind of product only people with high taste and enough cash to spare can afford. Buying this cooler cooler should be treated more as investment, than expensive and needless gift. Doing the later means it might likely lose its admirable design, quality or value. Sovaro is a classic cooler that every luxury collector needs in their collection.


When it comes right down to it, the reason for buying a luxury cooler comes to strong attachment we have to expensive goods. Others purchase luxury items to reward themselves for an accomplishment. But is that all there is to buying a luxury cooler?

of course, you must have noticed that sovaro employ the unprecedented craftsmanship to create a cooler that’s a class above all coolers in aspect of material build, sophisticated features and alluring design.

Sure, if you want your cooler to be perceived as a luxury, only the sovaro comes close to earning the title. And for those that look for the combination of luxury and functionality, the sovaro is pretty much the only game in town.