Last Updated on March 25, 2021

A friend once said “even the best coolers need the best cooler locks to be the best.”

Padlocks have many uses – but the most important of all is to secure belongings. People use padlocks for locking up things especially when their (equipments) are not in use.

When it comes to padlocks use on coolers – Some mistake that IGBC (International Grizzly Bear Certified coolers would suffice against grizzly bears and thieves). This is not a WWE advert – but don’t try this!

While some might not see the reason why someone would lock up a cooler, some would rather play safe, especially if you are the adventurous type.

Well, Grizzly cooler can stand to all these, but you shouldn’t take the chance and end up getting hurt for your miscalculation. In many cases, people that are likely to go for camping trips must use a padlock to prevent or slow down unauthorized entry.

So, to steer you away from taking chances and protect your cooler, we’ve come up with the best cooler locks and accessories you’ll ever need.

Best Cooler Lock Reviews

Many padlocks are ranging from steel locks that offer premium security to brass padlocks for general use. Scroll down to find the perfect match for your ice chest and keep all the intruders locked out.

Yeti Bear Proof Lock

YETI Bear Proof Locks
  • Set of two solid brass padlocks prevent thieves and bears from accessing cooler contents
  • Tested in controlled bear simulations and with wild grizzly bears
  • Includes two locks and two keys
  • Fits all YETI Tundra and Roadie Coolers
  • Dimensions: 3. 5 in x 1. 5 in and weighs 9. 4 oz.

This multi-purpose padlock is excellent locking equipment to secure things inside the cooler. The Best part is –the yeti bear proof lock is compatible with Yeti coolers (Tundra/Rodie)

It works best on the corners of the cooler, just hook the long shank to the dedicated holes.

When it comes to how the Yeti lock works, it’s a bit simple. The lock works by inserting the key and turning to unlock the padlock. You’ll appreciate the stainless construction, rest assured, you won’t have to deal with rust anytime soon.
You should know the locks comes in two ways. Either lock one side of the cooler or be on the safer side, secure both corners.

K2 Coolers Cable Lock

K2 Coolers Cable Lock
  • Cut resistant 3/16" braided strong steel cable
  • Application flexibility - end of cable threads through tight spaces
  • Pick-resistant; reliable tumbler pin mechanism
  • Increased security; keeps your cooler where you want it

If you want something a bit fashionable than the Yeti lock, then make no mistake the k2 is not only stylish but extremely good at what it does – lock any beast or intruder out! The K2 cable lock provides optimum protection to your cooler.

Talking of the build, it utilizes a cut resistant 3/16 braided steel to ensure that it’s pick resistant, it includes a pin locking mechanism. While the cable is flexible and could fit into spaces, it’s also strong.

Thanks to the quality of the K2 lock, you’d sleep comfortably knowing it won’t succumb to grizzly bear attacks.

Lumintrail Combination Padlock

If you want a durable combination padlock that has all the rings and bells, there’s no better option than the lumintrail combination padlock. It’s simple, reliable and secures your cooler.

It has a 4’ long braided cable which is vinyl coated; the result is a rust-resistant cable to withstand the caprices of rust. Also, the cable provides users with many options to secure the cooler – whether it’s to your bed, truck, or a tree, the 4’long cable would be sufficient.

Another great thing is the color option – Black, Red, Silver. Depending on your savor, all the colors have the chic to get heads turned to your direction.

Yeti Cable Lock & Bracket

YETI Security Cable Lock & Bracket
  • High strength stainless steel lock bracket designed to fit into YETI’s integrated tie-down slot
  • 6 ft. long cable with fully adjustable lock holds tight any position for a perfect fit
  • 5/16 in braided steel cable provides superior cut resistance and easily threads through the hole in locking bracket
  • Fits all YETI Tundra, Roadie and Hual Coolers
  • Cable Lock is 72 in long x 5/16 in wide and weighs 13. 5 oz. Lock Bracket is 4 in long x 1 in wide and weighs 4. 5 oz.

The security lock and bracket and cable bracket are all you need to keep your chest protected from animals.

Keep in mind that the corners of the edges have been smothered to mitigate scratches to the cooler.

Regarding the downside, a review have reported a mismatch between the lock and the bracket as the lock is bigger than the bracket’s hole. This makes the lock somewhat useless unless you’d drill the bracket to extend its width. However, some claimed to have no problem with the lock and bracket compatibility.

Overall, the security bracket and cable bracket might be your go-to If you want to save money on cooler locks. Then again, if you are looking for a sturdy ice chest padlock, this is one of the best cooler padlocks.


The benefit of a cooler padlock is to keep your possessions in the ice chest safe. If you want to keep your cooler safe by securing to your bed or truck, you can simply use the long cable wire. If you can do this, you will be the only authorized person who can open the cooler. Overall, all we’ve included all the best cooler locks on the market.