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To honest, having the best golf cooler bag can increase the convenience of your golf game. But how you’d ask?

Okay here is it:

A modern golf cooler has changed from conventional and Rotomolded Coolers into lightweight insulated bags. The latter which is more compact and comfortable makes for easy transportation, making it a favorite choice for golfers.

Nowadays, you only need an insulated bag that has space to keep your food & drinks cold, while accessories, like your umbrella, gloves, tape, rain gear and much more can fit into various compartments.

Best Golf Cooler Bag in 2021 – Top Picks

Product NameSize/Capacity Price
Bag Boy Golf12 Oz Cans Check Price
Golf Bag Cooler 16 Oz Cans Check Price
OGIO Golf Press Cart Bag Check Price
Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection4 Oz Cans Check Price
Coleman Soft Cooler16 Oz Cans Check Price
Caddy Daddy Golf Bag9 Oz Cans Check Price
Intech Golf Bag Cooler12 Oz Cans Check Price
FlexiFreeze Freezable Golf Bag12 Oz Cans Check Price

There’s no denying that finding good golf ice chests can be an uphill task. But you don’t have to worry, our work here at coolersjunkie is to make your search easy & fun.

So we’ve come up with the top rated golf coolers you can use on your next golf course tour. Depending on your needs, these types of golf coolers will work just fine for you.

Bag Boy Golf- Chiller Cart Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Cart Bag
  • Removable, insulated cooler bag holds six 12-ounce cans
  • Newly designed 14-way organizer with full-length individual dividers
  • Dedicated oversized rubberized putter well
  • TOP-LOK Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system
  • Oversized rubberized putter well

For those who don’t know, bagboy is a company dedicated to improving existing golf products, making them stylish and better.

Much work is put into the design of the bag boy, and as you can see this bag screams awesome.

With multiple pockets, you’ll never run out of space to store your drinks, food, and many pockets to stack up your golf supplies. A fleeced lined pocket protects your electronics. But It doesn’t end here; there’s more;

It features a 14-way organizer which provides a dedicated space for your clubs. This gives users the freedom to arrange their club as they’d like. The chiller pocket features insulated cooler bag is removable and can hold up to 12-ounce cans.

A handy umbrella holder is fitted to the bag; the best part is that it doesn’t cut the storage space. Weighing about 10lbs, some users have complained of the heavyweight. However, the ergonomic single shoulder strap with a strap holder ensures you conveniently hang the bagboy over your shoulders for long distances.

Slide-resistant feet offers maximum stability, whether it’s on a slippery surface the bag will stay put.

What we like:
Umbrella holder
Insulated bag for long ice retention
Multiple compartments and zippered pockets
Slide-resistant feet – stays in place regardless of the surface it’s placed

What we don’t like:
A bit expensive for budget users
Heavy fabric materials

Golf Bag Cooler – OA Gear

OAGear Golf Bag Cooler
  • Thermal lined interior keeps drinks cool
  • Holds up to 6 cans or bottles
  • Stores tees, golf balls and other accessories
  • Integrated mesh water bottle holdster
  • Convenient shoulder strap for easy transport

Many have placed the OA golf bag cooler as the most rated. However, on our list, the golf bag will have to settle for second place after the bagboy.

Right off the bat, you’d notice the incredible amount of work put into the design. Equipped with multiple zippered and mesh pocket, you can be assured it stashes all your valuables and golf gears safely.

It boasts of a 12 OZ cans capacity with enough space for ice. It’s huge with plenty of room to spare. The main interior compartment is protected by a leak-proof liner that protects the bag from sweats.

A spring clip at the back is implored to secure the bag to the golf cart basket. You will be happy to know that your bag will remain in place, just as you want it to be.

The backpack has a shoulder sling, which is comfortable and ideal for far-flung destinations. You can’t go wrong when you are looking for the best cooler for golf with a good shape, size and goes for almost 40 bucks less.

What we like:
Affordable price
Durable fabric materials
Leak-proof interior liner
Plenty of rooms accessories

What we don’t like:
Does not hold ice for long –

OGIO Golf 2017 Press Cart Bag

OGIO Press Cart Bag, Vortex/Red
  • 8 way top bag
  • Integrated lift handles
  • 9 pockets bag

Every golfer would like a bag that can snugly fit enough gears for a day on the golf course. The Ogio golf bag is designed to more than just keep your kits – expect your drinks to be cold and food warm.

With bright colors, this bag is made from durable materials, and you’d love the lightweight feel of it. A ten inch eight-way top is equipped with full-length dividers to keep your golf clubs in place.

The Ogio comes with 9 pockets, and all your gears will fit in perfectly. There’s a fleeced lined pocket for your valuables. One cool feature is the rain hood, which protects the bag from getting wet when on course.

Yes, for ease of carrying, it includes lift handles and padded single shoulder strap for optimum comfort & movement. Additional features like the glove hook and towel loop make this bag a must buy for golfing enthusiasts.

What we like:
It comes with a rain hood
Padded single shoulder strap
Lightweight – comfortable to carry around

What we don’t like:
None – The honest truth is that we found nothing that doesn’t sit right here.

Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection

Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection Small Cooler, Camo
  • Insulated thermal lining
  • Seam-Sealed to avoid leaking
  • Easy glide zipper
  • Nylon shoulder strap
  • 8.5" x 6" x 6"

Sneak: This is the smallest cooler on the list. As people say, big things come in small packages, and that’s what the stealth compact bag is all about.

This compact bag specially designed to be a secret gear to put all your contraband drinks like beers. You can simply throw the bag into your main bag, and nobody would have the slightest clue that you have extra beverages in it.

The bag sports the main compartment sealed with premium liners to increase the cooling performance. You’d also be happy to know that you can add ice packs to supplement the cold period. Comfortable single strap makes for easy transportation.

What we like:
Extremely Affordable
Comfortable carry option
Extremely compact – take your friends unaware by sneaking in a cold can of bear. Nobody will notice, just stow it behind the golf cart and it will be out of sight.

What we don’t like:
Weak zippers – might break off after a couple of use
Leaks – However, you can use ice packs to keep your drinks cold without having leakage whatsoever. We recommend a great list of best ice packs on the market.

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Coleman Company 16 Can Soft Cooler Outdoor with Liner, Tan
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping coolers
  • Another quality Coleman product

The Coleman is a reputable cooler manufacturer; their products are never shortcoming as they’ve made it to our best cooler list.

This reasonably priced golf cooler is made from the sturdy fabric and lightweight lining.

Dimensions of 11.81″ x 6.69″ x 11.81” is a bit small, yet you can fit in 16 cans with ice. It features a hard plastic liner, which maintains the cuboid shape of the cooler and protects your food & drinks from getting crushed while enhancing insulation performance. It features a sweat proof design, even in extreme temperatures the exterior will have a dry feel.

The built-in PEVA lining has antimicrobial features, resist odors and mildew. Extra front zippered pockets and side mesh pockets ensure you have plenty of storage areas. Available Bungee cord which will come handy in tying up all your extras on the lid.

What We Like:
Very Affordable
Hard plastic liner – Keeps all the ice in, protects your food and drinks from getting crushed, gives the cooler a nice shape
Extra side pockets and mesh pockets on the side and on the lid

What We Don’t Like:
Weak stitching – might tear after heavy progressive use

Caddy Daddy Golf 9 Pack Golf Bag Cooler

CaddyDaddy Golf 9-Pack Golf Bag Compact Cooler
  • Side zipper which allows for easy access from your golf bag
  • Free ice pack included
  • Heat Sealed Liner
  • Zipper pocket for additional golf gear
  • Removable shoulder strap

This beautiful bag will attract a lot of great comments like “ wow this bag is totally cool! Where did you buy it from” well, thanks for our help you are getting a unique cooler that elevates your style.

It has a Large side opening which allows for easy access to your drinks. It comes with a reusable ice pack, of course, the Ice pack comes with the bag, so it’s entirely free. The sheer size of the bag will fit in your wine bottles without hassles. Leak resistant liner ensures you have a dry exterior and the does not leak.

In terms of design, we have to dove our hats off for the caddy daddy cause it scores an 8/10 in design. It has a horseshoe shape; this bag offers more storage pockets while giving you the satisfaction of using a golf bag that’s unique.

The Padded shoulder strap makes carrying the bag over long distances less stressful. This multi-functional cooler is great for many outdoor activities, do yourself a favor by checking it out.

What We Like:
Great design – side zipper gives easy access to drinks
It comes with a free ice pack

What We Don’t like:
Poor zipper quality

Intech Golf Bag Cooler & Accessory Caddy

Intech USA Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy, Black
  • STAY HYDRATED - Insulated cooler bag holds up to ten 12-oz cans plus ice
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE - Two zippered pockets, one large front pocket to store valuables and a smaller size pocket
  • QUICK ACCESS – Convenient side-mounted mesh bottle holder
  • PORTABLE - Padded top and long strap make it easy to carry
  • OR IN TOW - Can be clipped or strapped onto a golf bag or cart

This stylish insulated bag can hold up to ten 12-Oz cans with ice. The bag has two zipper pockets, small pocket, and a large zippered pocket; both come handy for stashing away your items. The bag also includes a mesh pocket to keep your water bottle. The internal space has a unique liner which is leak proof and improves cooling periods.

It has a padded top and can easily be clipped to a cart. This means your bag follows wherever your cart goes. This intech cooler is portable, and with a long padded strap, you can easily carry it around.

What We Like:
Plenty storage areas
Provide quick and convenient access to items

What We Don’t Like:
Thin insulation – Don’t expect long periods of ice
Black color – limited to black color means the bag is at risk of absorbing too much heat

FlexiFreeze Freezable Golf Bag Cooler

FlexiFreeze Freezable Golf Bag Can Cooler, Black
  • 60 FlexiFreeze ice cubes BUILT-IN the sides of the cooler. Ice cubes are made with Real, Purified, Filtered, 100% USA WATER and contain NO chemicals.
  • Accommodates FOUR 12-ounce CANS of your favorite beverage
  • Keeps contents cold for hours, well past the 19th hole!
  • Straps securely to your golf bag

The flexifreeze bag has a place for all the gears you might want on the golf course. Sports a space of Four 12-ounce cans to store all your drinks. It’s great to keep stuff cold because of the built-in insulation materials.

The built-in lining provides an easy to clean bag, which doesn’t hold odors or stains. The manufacturers boast of 8-10 hours of cold. In all, the bag is features a carry strap for easy transport.

What we like:
Comfortable shoulder strap
High insulation performance

What we don’t like:
Flimsy zippers
Fabric might tear after progressive use – the bag is not as durable as the other options on the list

Best Golf Cooler Bags – Wrapping Up

Having reviewed some of the best golf coolers that are currently available in the market, we hope our article will help you to find the perfect cooler for the golf course.

Got any product, you think should be added to the list but wasn’t?

Kindly let us know by leaving a comment below.