Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Good party coolers can be the difference between a great party and a bad one.

There is no joy in a party where you treat your guests to bottles of hot drinks. It sucks, i’ve been there and I would love if i never have to experience it again.

However, the problem could probably not be from not a cooler, but from the lack of a good one.

Frankly speaking, there are many coolers on the market these days that it becomes nearly impossible to pick a quality unit from ample options on the internet.

You don’t need just any cooler, you’ll need a model that is built to retain ice for long hours, one that will at least keep the drinks cold throughout the duration of the party.

That is why we have taken the time to research, the absolute best options on the market and brought them all in one piece. Here at coolersjunkie, our work is to research, test and present the most outstanding coolers ideal for your needs.

If you are ready to make your next party a success with better drink handling, check out the selections we have for you below.

Best Party Coolers On The Market 2021

Coleman 25-Quart Party Stacker Cooler

Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler
  • Push button and locking telescoping handle for easy transport
  • Non-marking translucent soft-side sport rally wheels won't mark boat surfaces
  • Cool Riser Technology design improves cooling performance
  • Molded side scoop handles for ease of loading and unloading
  • 41-can capacity

Available in a total of seven colors to give you the flexibility of choice, the Coleman 25-Quart Party Stacker Cooler has already given away that it can hold as much as 25 Quart or more than 20 cans of drinks at once.

For those that will need multiple units, you can order different colors and use color codes to mark different drinks for different people (adults and kids maybe).

You will find cooler use is not limited to canned drinks alone. In fact, you can put in serving dishes that will fit comfortably into the 13 in x 9 in dimensions that this cooler allows.

When you are done with the party, you will find the base of this cooler so fitting for most other Party stacker items to ensure proper storage. Did we mention how strong the modeled handles can be too?


• Can comfortably hold 25 quarts
• Stacks well with other Party Stacker items
• Suitable for carrying dishes and canned drinks


• No wheels for easy movement

Clevr Outdoor Patio Home Cooler

Clevr 80 Quart Qt Rolling Cooler Ice Chest for Outdoor Patio Deck Party, Grey, Portable Party Bar Cold Drink Beverage Cart Tub, Backyard Cooler Trolley on Wheels with Shelf, Stand, & Bottle Opener
  • Large Capacity: 80 Quart / 20 Gallon capacity, Can store up to 70+ cans/50+ bottles, perfect for any outdoor and indoor events like backyard barbeque or pool party.
  • Keep Cold For Days: Smooth powder-coated steel exterior (Note: NOT stainless steel), PP lined injection foam insulation body and lids traps the cold in for days
  • Convenient: Fully REMOVABLE hinged lid for easy loading access. Bottom shelf for extra storage space (weight limit: 10 Lbs). Built-in bottle opener, cap catch tray and drain sprout
  • Quality & Design: Solid all welded steel construction, Durable and smooth powder coated finish for easy cleaning
  • Flexible: 4 large (2.75") multi directional rolling wheels and 2 sturdy handles for easy maneuver or carry. 2 wheel brake/lock system secures cooler in place.

When we saw this Clevr Outdoor Patio Home Cooler, the very first thing we loved about it was the aesthetics.  It also has wheels that make it easy to be moved around from place to place in the party area, ensuring everyone has access to drinks.

More than that though, we love the fact that the cooler will hold an 80-quart volume of substance at any one time. With such a rating, the cooler promises to carry no less than 70 cans or more than 50 bottles at once.

The sturdy steel body means you get a durable piece of equipment that doesn’t leak all the cold outside. This unit is easy to assemble and integrates two locking casters for safety.

Complete with a bottom storage shelf, this Clevr Outdoor Patio Home Cooler is the cooler that gives the best party coolers a run for their money


• Holds as much as 80 quarts
• 2 lids provide for easy access from any side
• Four wheels for rolling around
• Cooler body is insulated to keep the temperature constant
• Keeps items cold for days


• Not advisable for much smaller parties
• Wheels are not adapted to outdoor use

Igloo Seat Top Beverage Dispenser

Igloo Seat Top Beverage Dispenser, Orange/White, 10 Gallon
  • Double loops on lid allow it to be secured to handles on both sides for added water security
  • Large-button spigot that will be easier to use for both gloved and smaller hands
  • Recessed and Angled drip-resistant spigot for easy dispensing
  • Reinforced comfort-grip handles for improved strength, comfortable transportation, and Product longevity
  • Keeper cord affixes lid to cooler for cleanliness and loss prevention and flat lid creates a seat when Not in use, and is stackable

In our years review coolers, we’ve have seen many unique coolers before, but this one takes the game to another level.

If you are looking for something to hold the drinks you prepared yourself (punch, spiked drinks, personal recipes, etc.), this Igloo Seat Top Beverage Dispenser is the way to go for you.

Available in size capacities that allows 5 and 10 gallons of liquid to be held at once, the beverage dispenser is equipped with the Ultratherm isolation that helps prevent the loss of needed temperature to the outside.

Made to store cold beverages only, the cooler comes with a dispensary and cups that can be used by your guests to get drinks from the table that juts out, without having to open the lid.

Speaking of the lid, it is simple to open in the case you want to clean it out or restock drinks. Complete with reinforced handles for a longer product life, the pressure-fit lid is made in such a way that it doesn’t trap dirt.


• Works well for keeping homemade drinks cold
• Comes with a dispenser for easy access to contents
• Reinforced comfort grip handles provide for comfortable transportation


• Not suitable for canned and bottled drinks
• Not ideal for storing food items

Birdrock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub

BirdRock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand - Bottle Opener - Party Drink Holder - Wooden Handles - Outdoor or Indoor Use - Free Standing
  • GALVANIZED BEVERAGE TUB: Keep your refreshments cold for your party with a durable beverage holder equipped with an attached bottle opener
  • STRONG & STURDY STAND: Metal stand provides an elevated way to display sodas, waters or beer for your party and family gatherings.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & TRANSPORT: The beverage tub can be easily removed from stand to pour out water and clean. Transport the tub easily with wooden handles on either side
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Beverage tub holds over 25 bottled sodas, beer, or water. Or up to 10 wine/champagne bottles
  • DIMENSIONS: Beverage Tub Dimensions: 21” Diameter x 10"Height. Weight: 5 LBS. Total Dimensions: 21” Diameter x 30" Height. Weight: 12 LBS

Got a party at the beach, poolside or any outdoor location, but the problem not sure how to serve drinks to the guests?

You might need to look no further than this Birdrock Home Galvanized Beverage Tub.

At first sight, you will also agree that the party cooler is sturdy and robust enough to handle the most abuse even after years of use. If you pay close attention, you will also find out that it is not like most coolers in the sense that it does not have a top lid. With the right amount of ice though, your drinks are sure to be chilled all party time long.

Perhaps the biggest advantage for you is how this tub can hold more than 25 bottles of drinks at the same time. At the sides of the beverage tub are bottle openers to make popping drink crowns off a more helpful exercise for your guests.


• Holds more than 25 bottles of beverages at once
• The beverage tub can be removed easily from the stand for cleaning
• Allows for presenting drinks in a large open party
• Galvanized tub is strong and sturdy


• The cooler does not come with a top lid
• Does not have wheels for easy transportation

Homdox Handle Ice Wine Bucket

Homdox Ice Bucket Stainless Steel Ice Buckets with Tongs,Double Wall Insulated ice bucket,Wine Ice Buckets for Paties and Bar,Outdoor Camping Silver Ice Buckets with Lid
  • ✔GOOD QUALITY AND NICE-LOOKING ITEM: Ice bucket is compact and well made with stainless steel material and chrome finish,which is more durable;Decent shape and colour,attractive design that looks good ;It isn’t dull colored either and looks beautiful under the light.An ideal gift!
  • ✔COMES WITH LIDS,HANDLE AND TONGS: Ice bucket's lid is solid,and the handle is fitted and adjustable making it easy to move from place to place The ice tongs fitting inside the lid is an added bonus,you can have the tongs tweezers(in the lid) when not in use,tongs for easy ice removal.
  • ✔IDEAL GOOD CAPACITY UP TO 1200ML:Great when having friends round,Fits one full size bottle or 2 to 3 small bottles depending on how much ice is in the bucket.It is easy to carry and perfect for home,small gatherings,BBQs,picnic,parties,bars,clubs,restaurant and some outdoor activities.This ice buckets is a great choice.
  • ✔DOUBLE WALLED AND INSULATED BUCKET PAIL:Ice inside the bucket which stays frozen for hours,which keeps your drinks( wine or champagne)and fruits refreshingly cool.The ice container is a perfect addition to any social event.
  • ✔EASY TO CLEAN AND CARRY:Ice bucket with lid and tongs are dishwasher safe,a good complement with cocktail shaker.Notice: The handle required you to adjust it in correct position. The handles are sturdy where the connect to the bucket and are a good place to keep the tongs.

As the name implies, the Homdox Handle Ice Wine Bucket is preferable for just one type of job – handling wines and keeping them cool. The ice bucket is a nice-looking piece of equipment that calls for attention in a high-class gathering.

More than the aesthetics though, its stainless-steel exteriors are double walled to prevent the loss of cool to the atmosphere. Suitable for small gatherings, BBQs and other outdoor activities, you will love the addition of tongs (for easy ice removal) and capacity of 1200ML – allowing the inclusion of one large wine bottle or two to three smaller ones.


• Ideal cooling option for wines
• Suitable for high profile gathering and parties
• Sturdy design is matched with aesthetics


• Limited in capacity

JOYIN Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

JOYIN 60" Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler, Beach Theme Party Decor, Party Supplies for Pool Party and Beach Party
  • Great cooler to chill your beverages for summer parties, birthday parties, luau themed parties pool parties and for family fun
  • Palm tree is 5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, great size to make your pool beatiful
  • Thick and durable! The cooler is made of high quality PVC, one repair patch is also included
  • This beautiful cooler is also great decoration for in door and out door
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Providing a 100% satisfaction experience is our main priority to our customers. Feel free to message us through “contact sellers” if products don't meet your expectations. The celebrations start at JOYIN!

What better way to infuse more life into your party than to use a cooler that is both functional and aesthetically amazing? One of the coolers that marry both specs is this JOYIN Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler.

Standing at 60 inches, it is a great buy for when you are hosting a beach party, themed party or simple fun house party with some friends.

It is not unthinkable to believe that the palm tree cooler is not so durable the first time you look at it. That is not true though, and that claim is backed by the material of make being high quality PVC. Should anything happen to the inflatable cooler, one repair patch has been added to the original packaging.

Asides being a cooler, the item can also serve as a nice décor option for indoor and outdoor uses.

To sweeten the deal further, the manufacturer guarantees buyers a 9-day money back program in case they don’t find their product amazing enough. What have you got to lose?


• Doubles as a source of interior and exterior décor
• Awesome for beach, luau and themed parties
• PVC material ensures sturdiness of the inflatable cooler
• At 60 inches, the pal tree cooler can hold a good number of drinks


• Cooler can easily be deflated by sharp objects

Igloo Island Breeze Roller Cooler

Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler
  • Pack 28 quarts' worth of your favorite food and beverages, then roll it to your destination of choice
  • Push-button, locking, telescoping handle, and soft ride sports wheels and molded side scoop handles
  • Elevated cooler design improves cooling performance by minimizing contact with ground and other hot surfaces
  • 41 12-oz cans. 28 quarts (26 liters). Ice Retention Days 3
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty

Yet another one from Igloo is this Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler which brings more than the essential functions of a cooler to the table. Available in sizes of between 28 quarts to 60 quarts, you are given the flexibility of choosing whichever capacity will best fit your needs.

No matter which one you go for though, you will be treated to the same handle feature. With such a handle as the one on this cooler comes another salient feature – the wheels.

With a limited one-year warranty from the manufacture up for grabs, you get a cooler that makes use of the elevated design to improve cooling performance. This it does by reducing the contact your cooler has with the ground or other surfaces which can easily transfer heat to the contents within.

Complete with various features such as molded side scoop handles and telescoping handles, the least size of this cooler promises to hold at least 37 cans for you at any one time.


• Least capacity can hold as much as 37 cans
• Comes with a telescoping handle for easy handling
• Wheels are present for easy transportation
• Elevated design to keep your items cool
• Can be used for both food and drinks
• One-year warranty


• Handle does not stay locked
• No drain plugs on the bottom

Things To Consider Before Buying A Party Cooler

Remember how we told you that there are a lot of good coolers in the market? While that is true, even the very best option might not be the best one for you. You can get out of putting yourself into such a situation if you know the things to look out for when choosing from this list.
To get the ideal party cooler for yourself, here are some of the specifications to look out for

Correct Size

Coolers might be made equal, but some are made more equal than others. Coolers have different sizes and volumes. We won’t advise someone who plans to cater to small house parties to go for a large-sized cooler as that would be a waste of all that valuable space.

That is the same way we won’t recommend getting a small cooler if you would be hosting a large event.

In the case your intended hosting need is more than a single cooler can hold, there is no rule against getting multiple units.


You should always look at the thickness of the cooler you are getting before buying it. Even though technological advancements have allowed for the removal of a lot of bulk from the sides of most coolers, that does not make a very thin one ideal likewise.

Where else would the padding material go then? As a rule, a thickness of at least 4mm will ensure that you are getting durability on the material you are buying.

Speaking of padding materials..

Lid Seal

Yes, we said they were party coolers, but parties are not limited to a housing space alone. What if you were going hiking at a party? How would you then be able to transport your drinks or food items in a cooler that doesn’t seal well?

Even if not for that kind of scenario, an improper sealing lid will make it hard to keep your food and drinks at the right temperatures.


A good part cooler is as important as its placement. It could be a cooler you want to be in a place or one you’d like to be moved around. For the former, you can usually pick any good cooler.

If it were the latter, you would need something that makes movement easier.

After considering all the factors above, here are the best products on today’s market


These are seven of the best and most diverse party coolers that you can get on the market today and with various applications too. No matter what type of party you want to throw, you will find an appropriate cooler here for you.

Interested in any one of the coolers up there? Let us know about it in the comments.

If you’ve also got an amazing party cooler that didn’t show up on this list, do let us know about it in the comments section. You might just see your selection make an updated version of this list.