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hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

hOmeLabs Chill Pill Countertop Ice Maker - Perfect Ice in 8 to 10 Minutes - 26 Pounds Per Day Production To Keep You Iced Out Of Your Mind
  • Take a Chill Pill: Our powerful ice maker creates refreshing, chewable pill-shaped ice to keep your drinks icy cold. It's just what the doctor ordered.
  • 26 Pounds Per Day: Fill the 2.2 liter water reservoir, which holds up to 1.5 pounds of ice at a time, and you’re good to go for many rounds of cocktails, mocktails and more. Pro Tip: Use your ice shortly after making it, or store the extra cubes in your freezer to keep them from going to waste.
  • Sits Pretty On Your Countertop: At just 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches, this modern compact appliance uses an energy-efficient compressor for cooling, and fits nicely on your kitchen counter without taking up too much space.
  • Super Fast Ice Production: Makes small or medium sized ice cubes in just 6 to 8 minutes. Warning lights activate when the ice basket is full or when water needs to be refilled. Includes a handy scoop for serving. Smart design features auto shut-off, and a reservoir that reuses water from melted ice to make even more ice!

Many customers have consistently praised the efficiency of this small machine. hOmelabs is perfect for your RV, kitchen, boats, bars, backyards, etc. In fact, it measures 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches, and produce about 26lbs of ice per day and stores up to 1.5lbs.  

Getting ice is also a breeze, expect the first batch no less than five minutes after you’ve turned on the unit and added water to the reservoir. 

Talking about storage, it has 2.2 liters storage (0.58 gallons), and the ice produced come in bullet shape cubes. 

Yes, this is a smart unit, too; it will automatically shut down when the ice is full. Designed in a user-friendly way, you can easily add water and drain melted ice. This unit needs no fancy installation procedure, drop in on a standard ground, and connect it to a 12v outlet to start making soft, chewy ice.  

For those of you that care, it has multiple certifications from ETL, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FDA, ROHS. It comes with an ice basket and ice scoop to make your job easier. 

Finally, hOmelabs is a sleek looking product that you can proudly place on the countertop of your kitchen or in your RV. 

What we like 


Makes ice in 7-8 minutes 

Light & Portable enough to fit in an Rv 

Durable construction & beautiful finish  

What we don’t like 

Limited storage capacity 

Aicok Portable Ice Maker 

Aicok Portable Ice Maker, Countertop Ice Machine, 26 lbs of Ice per 24 hours, 9 Ice Cubes in 6-10 Minutes, 2 Quart Water Tank, Stainless Steel Ice Making Machine With Ice Scoop, Silver
  • ❄ PORTABLE & FAST - Other than under-counter models, this portable ice maker for countertop doesn’t require any special knowledge for installation. 9 ice cubes ready within 6-14 minutes, 1.1lb of ice cubes per hour, 26lb per 24 hours. This ice machine has a BPA-free plastic ice scoop and a removable ice basket with a capacity of 1.3lb. And there is no noise during ice making. The thick foam layer insulates the heat effectively. Quiet DC fan.
  • ❄ EAST-TO-FOLLOW OPERATION - With just two steps, this ice maker starts to produce ice cubes. Press the "Select" button to select an ice cube size and then the "ON / OFF" button. The easy operation brings you cool ice cubes. You can add it to your juice, chill your beers, make smoothies, ice cream, seafood, etc.
  • ❄ INFRARED MONITORING TECHNOLOGY - This ice machine stops automatically when the ice basket is full or the water is lacking. And it starts to work automatically after you have gutted the ice cubes. It is safe and convenient for you.
  • ❄ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - 2 Quart water tank holds enough water to make ice. Our innovative design allows you to recycle the water from the molten ice to produce more ice, saving time and water. Stainless steel appearance is much more stable than plastic models.
  • ❄ LITTLE TIPS - Please make sure to turn on the ice maker one day after receiving the product (Refrigerant return from transportation may cause poor cooling effect). The ice machine is not a freezer, better take out the ice cubes and use them immediately. Any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Aicok is what we’d like to call the portable but mighty. It is constructed with durable stainless steel that’s polished to capture the attention of onlookers.

 The unit produces up to 26lbs of ice in 24 hours, in fact, after 6-10 minutes it produces 9 bullet-shaped ice cube.

 It features a 2.2-liter water tank ensures you get enough ice that would suffice for a group of people. 

Needless to say, a full batch of ice can get the party started. While it does not have a built-in freezer, it features a polyurethane foam insulation board that prevents heat from getting inside for longer ice periods. 

Yes, this is a portable unit as it measures 9.5 x 11.6 x 13.4 inches, ideal size for your RV and you can take this along on any camp trip. With smart features like the automatic shut-off and warning lights, it conserves energy and ensures your ice does not overflow. 

A special award should be given to this model; it has the highest warranty for 2 years, if there’s any problem, read the manual and give the Aicok customer service a call. Many customers have testified in good faith about the quiet operation; you should expect a smooth going performance without clanging and rumbling sounds. 

What we like 

Quiet Operation 

Great and quality design

Portable unit 

Automatic shutdown feature 

Great insulation compartment for extended ice periods 

What we don’t like 

It has some hiccups after long hours of operation 

Hamilton Beach PIM-1-3A Portable Ice Maker

Hamilton Beach PIM-1-3A Portable Ice Maker, 26 lb. Capacity, Black
  • Makes up to 26 pounds of ice per day
  • Produces 9 ice cubes every 7 minutes
  • Choose from 2 different cube sizes
  • Includes ice scoop

The Hamilton Beach ice maker is a perfect portable ice maker for the hot summer sun. Just like most products on our list, it averages 9 cubes every 7-10 minutes and makes up to 26lbs per day with a 2lbs storage capacity. Indeed portable, it is 12.5″x19″x14, and it’s light too at 19lbs. The swing handle makes it easier to move it around, from your kitchen to your RV without hassles. 

LED indicators notify you when the storage bin is full or when you need to add water to the reservoir. You also get to choose from two ice cube sizes. 

The compressor is also durable and provides quiet and efficient performance. Using just 180watts, this unit is one of the most power-saving countertop ice maker money can buy. 

What we like 

Quite Affordable 

It is light at 19lbs 

Can make two different ice sizes 

Power conserving model 

Makes ice cubes quickly

Top handle for easy transport

What we don’t like 

Ice melts pretty fast in the ice bin 

Sentern Portable Electric Clear Ice Maker Machine

Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker Electric Maker Machine 48 lbs Per Day, Make Real Clear Ice Cubes
  • Sentern Ice Maker produces crystal clear ice cubes that are harder and denser, which melt much more slowly than other forms of ice, and chill your drink without diluting its taste or quality.
  • Fast Chilling - Beautiful 24 clear ice cubes are ready for beverages in just 15 minutes. Large ice bucket to store up to 2.4 pounds of ice at a time. 3 selectable ice cube sizes (small, medium and large) by adjusting the cooling time.
  • Powerful and Quiet Compressor Cooling – Featuring modern refrigeration technology. Chic and compact design with stainless steel body ensures good looks and durability. Perfect for home, parties, picnics and road trips.
  • Keep a Steady Supply Going - 2.2 L water tank with easy-to-use digital control panel. Program the machine to turn ON/OFF the ice making cycle automatically for your convenience.
  • Ice maker measurements: 11.2” x 14.4” x 13.8”. Ready to use out of the box. No installation needed.

 While we won’t give the sentern an award, it produces the hardest ice cube on the list. Ice production on the unit is solid, and unlike bullet ice, they melt slowly. This ensures your drink is not watered down to enjoy a cold drink for a long time. 

Ice production time is quite slow, as it takes it up to 15 minutes to produce the first batch of ice. However, this is worth it given that the ice is hard and denser than most ice makers on the market.  

From the control panel, you can choose from three different ice cube sizes. In terms of performance, it is efficient and holds up to 2.4lbs of ice. 2.2L water tank and a user-friendly digital control panel allow for smooth operation. 

Although slightly bigger than most models on the list, at 11.2” x 14.4” x 13.8is still portable and can sit on your countertop without hassles. In regards to safety, this unit is ETL and FDA approved, you confidently drop a cube into your drink without being paranoid about any implications. 

Overall, this unit is sleek and provides solid ice cubes that remain frozen for a long time. No, it does not have an inbuilt-freezer. 

What we like 

It works silently 

Great user control

Durable construction 

Customers can select from three ice sizes 

Produces hard ice cubes that do not melt easily compared to bullet cubes

What we don’t like 

Slow to make ice quickly  

Hard to break up ice cause it’s really solid 

Does not come with accessories like the ice bin and scoop 

Igloo ICEB26RR Ice Maker 

Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine, 26 Pounds in 24 Hours, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 7 minutes, With Ice Scoop and Basket, Perfect for Water Bottles, Mixed Drinks
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE Portable, convenient and compACt in size, this retro metallic red ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice for whenever or wherever you need it
  • Large ice making capACity keep the water tank filled and this unit will produce 26 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period enough to keep drinks cold all day long
  • Water tank capACity 3 quarts. Ice production per day (pounds.) - 26
  • Ice basket capACity stores up to 2 pounds of ice at a time
  • Quick freezing ice makes 9 small or large cylinder shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes

Igloo has itched its name in the outdoor gear company hall of fame. They produce some of the best coolers on the market. So much that they’ve extended their expertise to the ice-making business.

 And if there’s one word we’d describe the igloo with is “Efficient” They are known to produce budget choices that is appealing to users of all kinds, without compromising on the quality. 

On the outward, the cooler rocks a retro design with the striking finish to coca cola freestanding machines. This model is what it means to be compact; it measures 9.6 x 14.7 x 12.4 inches, has a 3 quarts water tank capacity, stores 2lbs of ice and can effortlessly produce 26lbs of ice within a day. It makes ice quickly; you can get the first taste in 7 minutes. 

The control panel is supported by LED lights to indicate when the ice bin is full or when you need to add water. Also, you can choose the size of the ice cubes. Transparent Lid provides a see-through window to know the amount of ice made.  

The unit has a drain plug that ensures quick and easy water purge. This unit includes an ice basket and ice scoop to transport the ice and fill into your drinks. 

Overall, Igloo ICEB26RR is one of the most portable options on our list. If you are going the budget way, then, you should consider taking a look at this unit. 

What we like 

It is cheap 

It is light and portable 

Has a beautiful design 

Fast ice making                  

Features a water drain 

What we don’t like 

You have to use distilled water for clear ice 


If you have made it here then you should have found a portable ice maker for camping that is suited for your needs.

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