Last Updated on March 22, 2021

How many times have you heard the statement?

It’s not the buying that is the problem but the maintaining. 

If people had managed to project the cost of maintaining, they would never buy what they don’t need (this is philosophy 101, thank you for listening to my TED talk). 

Needless to say, cost aside think about the maintenance first before you splurge out.

To keep your portable ice maker in good shape for ages, then you need to ensure it is in optimum condition.

 A rule of thumb is to wash your ice maker one in a month at least. If you follow that rule religiously, you can, without any obstruction, get that clear ice that is soft, clean and keep your ice machine in tip-top shape.

This I promise you.

Supplies You Need to Wash Your Ice Maker

Maintenance Supply
  •    Warm water
  •    White vinegar or lemon juice
  •    Soft cloth
  •    Pitcher
  •    Spoon
  •    Measuring cup
  •    Baking soda
  •    Q-tip or soft toothbrush
  •    Dry rag, sponge or paper towels

Before you head right into washing your ice maker, here are some things you need to do;

Unplug the ice maker

I mean this is basically the first step to start cleaning your portable ice maker. You want to unplug the ice maker to ensure it’s not running to avoid destroying it. To prevent any casualty, unplug your unit.

Drain all the water

You should drain out water from the reservoir. You can use the drain plug to drain out water completely.

Steps to drain out water:

Depending on your ice maker type use the plug to drain out water; usually, it is at the bottom. Drain out the water from the reservoir; this should not take much time.

Remove the Ice basket & Scoop

ice scoop maintenance

Simply take out the ice basket and ice scoop from the ice maker ( don’t throw them away will you? Pun intended) keep them somewhere safe. Also, ensure to wash the exterior, tongs, and the pump.

Now next to the most important part you’ve been waiting.

How To Wash Your Portable Ice Maker 

You’ll need all those supplies mentioned at the beginning.

First Step – How to clean ice maker with vinegar, lemon, or soda

First off, you can combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You can use a 10:1 ratio of vinegar to water ratio.

You can also use lemon juice. First off, you need to cut in half to wash the ice maker. Lemon is also great at neutralizing some awful smells, and it does not cling for long.

Another great tip is to make a paste from baking soda and water. Spread the dough in the interior and exterior parts and let it sit for a while.

Second step 

Moisten your cleaning cloth or use a spray bottle to wash away the soda paste using vinegar solution or lemon. 

Ensure to clean out parts that are not in plain sight cause dirt might stick unto those areas. You should wipe away the remaining baking soda with paper towels or a clean cloth.

Finally, tough stains and molds are a bit hard to clean using these conventional methods. In that, case you can use some of the cleaning solutions we recommend below;

Third Step – Make a Round of Wash Ice

Next is to put back the drain cap and ice basket, plug your ice maker to a socket and pour the cleaning solution inside and make a batch of ice.

What this does is clean all dirt in the unreachable corners. You mustn’t skip this step.

Fourth Step – Make a Round of Rinse Ice 

Again take out the drain plug and purge out the solution by tipping the front edge over a sink. Now, you can pour in clean, freshwater into the unit and make another batch of ice. Again, you should empty water inside the ice maker by removing the drain plug.

Finally, use the soft cloth to dry the ice basket and Scoop and allow the interior to dry completely. Then you can return the components. 

You can use the machine to make that clean, soft ice that you’ve always wanted. When you are done, remember to turn it off and keep in a place where dust will not get inside.

Fifth Step – Maintain Your Ice Maker like a Pro 

When it comes to maintaining your portable ice maker down to cleaning, you should start with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ice makers will build up their fair share of dirt; thus, you will need to give them a routine thorough clean.

For cleaning your ice maker as illustrated above, you don’t need anything fancy, a clean cloth, vinegar, or lemon will do the job. As said earlier, you should wash the unit at least once a month.

Your ice maker should not seat idle for many days, ensure you run your ice cube maker once in two weeks to avoid rusts or mechanical faults. Also, keep it covered with a clean cloth to prevent dust particles from getting inside.

Some things you need to avoid are hot water, strong acids, and soapy detergents for cleaning your ice maker.

Some users have used dish soap, and the result has been disastrous. The thing is; soap leaves an odor that is hard to banish, which can ruin the taste of ice. More so, it could damage the mechanical part of the unit.

How To Clean Your Ice Maker – Conclusion 

Maintenance is a chore that many don’t look forward to, and with that excuse, people often put off the crucial part of keeping your equipment in good shape.

But if you can overcome the lazy attitude toward your ice maker, it will bring many benefits that will save you the extra cost in the future.