Last Updated on January 9, 2021

Frosty Coolers Review, all you need to know..

Are you looking for the best cooler in the market? There is a wide range of varieties when it comes to coolers, and when selecting one you need to be very conscious. However, like any other equipment, the main two factors that you need to consider when shopping for your next cooler is the performance and the price.

You don’t need to sacrifice any of the two at the expense of the other. You don’t need to consider the cost too much, as an expensive cooler will not guarantee you the best performance. Again you don’t have to go for the cheapest one as it may not last or serve you as expected.

Considering where and when you are going to use the cooler is another important factor that you can’t undermine. Balancing all these factors can be a hard thing, especially when you don’t have much experience with coolers. Going for expensive coolers is not the solution as you will still find a wide range and you will be required to select the best again.

Frosty coolers come in to save you from the confusion that you may
undergo when shopping for a cooler. Frosty coolers are well balanced when it comes to performance, price, and use.

These coolers are pocket-friendly, and they are designed for any activity in which a cooler might be required. They are not intended for any season, and you can use them during summer and winter. This frosty coolers review is going to give you more information about frosty coolers. After going through the review, you will attest how these coolers are relevant and helpful.

Sizes and dimensions

Frosty 65 Roto Molded Cooler - Sizes 25 35 45 55 75 85 120 Ice Chest Rotomolded Extreme Durability Premium Cooler Holds Ice for Days 62 Quart
25-120 QT
Frosty 65 Roto Molded Cooler - Sizes 25 35 45 55 75 85 120 Ice Chest Rotomolded Extreme Durability Premium Cooler Holds Ice for Days 62 Quart
25-120 QT

How you are going to use your cooler determines the size you need. You need to buy a cooler that will fit your desired number of bottles without leaving a space. The bigger, the cooler, the heavier it is and buying a larger one means you are going to carry extra weight for nothing.

Many of the manufacturers will manufacture the large, medium, and small sizes, only making it hard for the customers who need other middle sizes. Frosty coolers come with a wide variety of sizes, ensuring your needs are covered no matter the size you want. There are eight different sizes, and for sure, you will get your
preferred one.

The smallest size measures 20 * 13 * 15 inches with a total weight of 25 pounds when empty and the largest size will measure 35 * 22 * 21 inches and weighs up to 125 pounds when empty.

Apart from these two sizes, there are other six different sizes in between the smallest and the largest size. You can carry your drinks for one day hike, and even for the whole weekend camping depending on the size you will buy. You can purchase different sizes if you have different uses that require different volumes.


Design is a significant factor that will contribute much to the final price of any item. Many items will add extra dollars just for a design which is not very important. What matters most is the quality of the item and how it is going to serve you and for how long. Frosty coolers come with a simple roto-molded design that doesn’t exaggerate its price.

However, when talking about the quality, these coolers have the best quality as
they will go for years without replacement. There are no leaks, cracks, or dents. Even if your cooler drops accidentally you shouldn’t get worried as it is not easy for it to crack.

When hiking or camping your items will fall severally, and if you got low-quality cooler, you have to dig deep into your pocket again and buy another one. This product has invested too much into the quality assuring you a long life that will save your pocket.

Ice retention and insulation

The primary purpose of obtaining a cooler is to keep your drinks cold throughout the camping or hiking period. Sometimes you will go out for a week, and you need your soft drinks to remain frozen until the last day.

What determines how long your drinks will be preserved is the ice retention and insulation properties of the cooler you are using. With frosty coolers, you don’t have to worry about ice retention as the cooler is designed for the task.

These coolers can retain the ice for more than a week and even up to 10 days depending on the weather condition. Firstly, the cooler is roto molded, making its ice retention and insulation functionalities more efficient than any other cooler. Although, this is not the only feature that helps the cooler to retain ice and insulate the inner part. There is a pressure injected foam and double wall vacuum that contribute much to the retention and insulation functionalities of the cooler.

Frosty coolers are also able to control the movement of the air in and out of the cooler through the help of a lid gasket that keeps the lid and the body of the cooler tight enough to prevent any air interchange. When the air moves in or out of the cooler, it will be hard to retain the ice for a long time, and everything will get melted to water within no time.


As you go shopping for a cooler you want the one that will serve you for a long time without going to the market again anytime soon. Frosty coolers assure you of excellent service by giving you a one year warranty. This doesn’t mean the cooler will not last for more than one year; in fact, it can last even more than the ones you will get with a five-year warranty.

You are given the one year as a grace period in which you can return the cooler to the seller in case it doesn’t perform as prescribed. But like any other item, there are situations in which the warranty may be void, and you won’t get compensated even if the one year is not over.

You will not get compensated if the structure of the cooler is damaged, and when you use it for commercial purposes. The warranty doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear also as this is natural.

This is not the special case with frosty coolers only, but it’s the same with other products. For sure there is nobody will ever compensate you for normal wear and tear of an item or anything that get damaged due to your carelessness.

Although there is warrant ensure you take good care for your cooler as it will save you at the end. When proper care is taken, these coolers can stand helpful for a long time.


Frosty coolers have only the white color. If this is not your color, it might be a con to you, but this can’t prevent you from using the color. This white color is helpful so that your cooler doesn’t get heated by the sun. It will help in ice retention as the warm outside temperature will not be absorbed by the cooler.

When you compare the color and other great features that come with the coolers, you will attest that they are worth the investment even if you don’t get your favorite color.

Color doesn’t mean that much, in my opinion. Even if the pure white color seems much boring to you, you can use stickers and do some changes. But you need to make sure you use the right stickers so that the cleaning process will be simple and you don’t overdo it. Anything you use to label your cooler should be easily removable.


Knowing the features before you make your final decision whether to buy a frosty cooler or not, is very important. Features will determine if the item you purchase will meet your personalized preferences. Frosty coolers have great features that make their handling comfortable and straightforward. In this review, we are going to look at the features, and what will get discussed here are not the only features but the main ones.

Following are the key features of frosty coolers.


As said earlier, these coolers come with simple designs without interfering with the quality. Although the latches may appear to be simple, it doesn’t mean the cooler is of low quality. What is essential is that any feature performs its task to the best and you shouldn’t confuse these latches with other types in the market.

Frosty coolers have two types of latches that are T shaped locks for the smaller sizes and pin latches for the bigger ones. This product understands all that you need is a simple item that will perform to the best and this is the main reason they have simple latches that are strong enough to hold the lid and the body tight enough.

These latches are made of rubber, but you can’t underestimate them. They are simple to use, unlike metal ones, which might pose so many challenges to you.

Non-skid feet

This is the most important feature if you are going to transport your cooler for long distances or use it in slanting areas. Frosty coolers come with non-skid feet that are made using rubber. With rubber, your cooler will never slip no matter where you place it. If you are going to use your cooler for outdoor activities frequently then the Non-slip is important.

Without these feet, the lifespan of your cooler is going to be cut as it will fall many times, causing possible scratches and fractures. Rubber feet will be intact with any floor, and your cooler will never slip off causing you a loss.

Carry handles

As most of the time you will be carrying the cooler using your hands, you need to have the best handles ever that are comfortable enough. You don’t need handles that are too firm as they may be unfavorable when climbing mountains.

A rope handle remains the best, although it may swing too much. Frosty coolers have the best grips that you can carry your cooler for several kilometers without causing any harm to the hands.

The carry handles are made of a rope and molded handle, making the handling of the cooler simple and efficient. The molded handle will fit any hand while the cord will connect the handle and the cooler. If you know you will move too much with your cooler; then these are the best handles that will not frustrate you.

Multipurpose lid

Frosty coolers have a unique lid that can be used in so many other activities apart from covering your preservatives. The top can get used for casting purpose by the adventurers. It can also be used as a measuring tool, and it will help you to keep better records of whatever you are carrying.


Frosty coolers have great features that make them applicable in a wide range of uses. There are no specific users for these coolers as they can cover the needs of anybody who needs a cooler. They come with different sizes ensuring any size is covered, they are simple to handle, and above all, they can retain the ice for a long time, which is the essential factor.

With these coolers, you don’t have to go around the market looking for a cooler that will give you excellent service without digging much into your pocket. These coolers have everything necessary for a cooler, and the prices are not exaggerated.

The price will be favorable depending on the size of the cooler, and you can’t compare what you will get here with other products in the market.

When you go for your next shopping, be wise and don’t get lured by products which have exaggerated features. These coolers will be helpful regardless of where you want to use them. They can be used by anglers, hunters, sportspeople, and anybody who may feel that a cooler is appropriate to them. I think this frosty coolers review was helpful and you will make an informed decision when shopping for your next cooler.