Last Updated on February 11, 2022

The Kong 50 Cooler is from a brand that was born in America and continues to be manufactured in the US. When it comes to durability, ingenuity, and decades of design and build experience, Kong Coolers definitely embodies the qualities that you should be looking for in a cooler.

It’s no surprise since Kong Coolers is a subsidiary of Elkhart Plastics, Inc. Its parent company has been in the business of constantly innovating to meet the tough product design and engineering required in highly demanding industries, such as marine and heavy trucking.

The Kong 50 cooler, in particular, is a medium-sized versatile product offering from this cooler brand. A detailed review of the Kong 50 cooler is provided below for you to understand its key features and its advantages and disadvantages.

KONG Coolers | 50 Quart Rotomolded | Proudly Made in The USA | Durable, Safe, No-Slip Feet, Extended Ice Retention Cooler (Tactical Tan)
  • CAPACITY - Our KONG 50 Quart Cooler holds up to 32 12oz cans and 24 pounds of ice! The KONG 50 weighs 33 lbs. when empty.
  • EXTENDED ICE RETENTION - KONG Coolers are designed to outlast your adventure and our competition with 10+ day ice retention!
  • NO-SLIP FEET - With silicone rubber feet, we simply don't cut corners. When you've got your KONG loaded, you can bet it's not budging!
  • DIVIDED STORAGE & ACCESSORIES - Our dividers doubles as a shelf, triple as a cutting board, and quadruple as side table with the kicker in addition to keeping food dry and drinks wet.
  • STAY-PUT LID - Your KONG will open to a 45-degree angle while backed up against a wall or other object. The ability to get into your cooler when you’ve packed your gear tight and you’re thirsty is priceless.

About The Product

Considering the key features of a Kong 50 cooler, it offers premium product quality at a relatively less expensive price point. Moreover, in terms of size, capacity, and weight, this product holds just about the right volume of food and drinks for a regular day out with a handful of company.

Below is a more detailed discussion of the key features you’ll love about the Kong 50 Cooler:

Superb Ice Retention

Under ideal environmental conditions, the Kong 50 ice retention lasts up to 9 days. Pre-chilling the interiors and the contents may be able to stretch ice retention further. Even more so when opening and closing the lid are kept to a minimum.

If you like to have the ability to keep making ice outdoors, you should consider getting a portable ice maker.

High-Grade Body And Quality Insulation Materials

The Kong 50 Cooler is constructed using polyethylene capable of withstanding high impact. Product design incorporates UV resistance and engineered to strengthen the bond between the plastic and the foam insulation.

Latches are of primary concern for outdoor enthusiasts. In most cases, sturdy latches promote longer-lasting coolers. Almost every Kong 50 cooler review commends the well-built latches that maintains a tight seal and also comes with a high-grade stainless steel.

With the addition of an equally high-performing gasket, this cooler more effectively keeps heat out while keeping the coldness inside.

Designed For Transport

What good is a cooler if you can’t take it outdoors? Sturdy handles on either side are handy to grip well while carrying the cooler. These handles also double as stands for the cutting board with the help of kickers.

Designed For Optimum Functionality

One divider is provided by default, and it is made of heavy-duty food-grade plastic to double as a cutting board while in camp. The Kong 50 Cooler also comes with silicone rubber legs that keep it from skidding.

The lid is designed in such a way that it can be partially opened when placed against a wall.

Easy Cleaning

You can quickly drain the melted ice or spilled beverage using the drain on the side. One good thing about the drain plug is that it does not detach fully from the cooler. You can just unscrew it to release the liquid and replace it. Since small parts can be lost quickly, this mechanism ensures you don’t lose the plug to keep your cooler functional.

Kong Coolers accessories are sold separately. This helps keep the price low. It also gives you the option to buy only the accessories you need.

Kong 50 cooler

Key Features

To sum up all the good and the potentially not-so-good facts about this cooler, here’s a quick run-through of the key considerations you have to weigh before shopping this cooler:

  • Metal and plastic latches
  • Silicon rubber feet
  • 50-quart capacity
  • Hard plastic divider
  • Sturdy handles
  • Non-detaching drain plug
  • Provision to add more accessories

Pros and Cons


  • Metal and plastic latches are durable.
  • Latches lock down the lid securely and open quite easily.
  • Kong 50 size cooler has a sturdy handle for comfortable carrying.
  • A rubber stopper keeps the drain plug attached to the cooler.
  • Heavy-duty plastic divider is made of food-grade plastic.
  • The divider doubles as a cutting board.
  • The flat cooler lid can also be used as a tabletop when required.
  • The lid opens up to 45 degrees even when backed up against a wall, permitting easy access.
  • Kong 50 ice retention capacity is pegged at 10+ days.
  • Silicon rubber feet at the bottom keep it from slipping while traveling.


  • The lid cannot be fully opened when leaned against the wall.
  • This cooler lacks a pressure release button.

Apart from the Kong 50 cooler, the manufacturer also produces 25, 70, and 110-quart coolers, which are similarly designed but vary in storage capacity. All variants are complemented by other accessories that can be bought separately. Accessories include extra cutting boards, kickers, crush guards, and bottle biters. You can create extra counter space using the cutting board or divider and kicker on both sides to give you more space when cooking in camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Can Capacity Of A 50 Quart Kong Cooler?

A Kong 50 size cooler is capable of holding up to 32 cans of 12oz cans and 24 pounds of ice. You can have chilled drinks for a small group of friends or family easily using this cooler.

Should I Buy A Small Or Large Cooler?

You should aim for the right size rather than a large size. A cooler filled to capacity with the ideal ratio of ice to contents will stay cool over a longer time than a cooler with empty space. To expand your choices, you should also check out premium coolers with remarkable ice retention capacities.

Which Cooler Size Is Suitable For Camping?

The ice retaining capacity of a cooler, number of people camping, and the number of days you plan to stay there are the deciding factors. A 50-quart cooler is sufficient for three people camping for a weekend. It lasts longer for two people or more when camping only for a day.

Check out this list of the best camping coolers of 2022 to get to know what other options are available for serious campers.


The superb ice retention capacity of Kong 50 cooler is definitely a plus if you decide to shop for this cooler. This Kong 50 cooler review just showed you that there are even more features about this cooler that will make you happy. More importantly, this cooler is built and designed to help you make worthwhile outdoor adventures last and be remembered long after with a smile.