Last Updated on February 6, 2022

There’s a new cooler each year that makes a grand entry – the type that will have outdoor enthusiast talking. Now, this cooler has a similar narrative.

This has drawn a constant comparison between the Magellan and Yeti. While the former is considered the budget choice of the former, there’s no denying the Magellan cooler has a lot to give. Below we made a concise comparison between these two brands; you can jump to it here.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Magellan coolers – Well if you have not, you are fortunate to stumble on this article.

However, if you have and you want to know more about the sizes and features you are in the right place. In this Magellan coolers review, we will try to discuss all the key features, insulation & ice performance, durability, available sizes, and where to buy Magellan coolers.

Magellan Coolers Review

Design & Construction

One thing that will immediately get you hooked with the Magellan is its unique design. It’s similar to the Ozark, not aesthetically but in authenticity. Unlike many Yeti wannabes, they adopted a different design that is unique and does not try to rip off design from other brands.

Now the highlight of the cooler is the revolutionary rotomolded construction. The result is a cooler that’s robust, rugged, has better insulation and hold ice for more extended periods.  All these qualities combine to give you a high-end cooler at a lower price.

Yes, it burly, and it has two-inch thick sized walls, it has been tested to take many knocks without collapsing. In fact, this cooler is grizzly bear-resistant, more on that below.

This cooler is without a doubt premium – all the components are sturdy, and many satisfied users have attested the quality. Customers have many good things to say about the overall built, and it’s been gaining traction. Even in outdoor forums, the brand is continuously mentioned among good alternatives to the Yeti.

Overall, what we loved most besides the quality and durability is the affordable price. We can only marvel at how the company managed to produce a premium cooler with a budget price. While the definition of what a budget price should be is relative, the Magellan coolers are budget compared to the high-end brands like the Pelican, ORCA, Grizzly, RTIC, etc.

Key Features

Features make or break a cooler; they make things less complicated. Magellan has equipped its products with a nice share of helpful features that can contend with top brands. There are many features, but we will try to break down the major ones and throw light to their functions.


Magellan latchesT-Rex Latches – The T-rex latches are located upfront, and they help to close the cooler. Aside that latches pretty much seal the base and lid properly, leaving no space for heat to get inside which culminates to longer ice retention.

The T-rex latches are durable and can hold down the lid to prevent spilling out the content inside.

Tired of busted latches?  Yeti has popularized the T-rex latches, and that’s to show you a glimpse of how strong these bad boys are. Rest assured, they keep your cooler secured and you’ll enjoy many years of use.

It is important to know that the latches are a bit hard to use as you have to apply a little pressure to lift it. While this may seem cumbersome, it secures the cooler and ensures the interior is airtight.

Drain Plug – say bye to soggy sandwiches and pool of water from melted ice. Magellan hard coolers utilize oversized drain plug, now what it does it reduce the purging time so that you’d rid water quickly enough. A hose attachment is built into the plug to ensure small pellets of ice do not escape when draining. And you can easily drain the water some meters away from where you are. There’s also a chain attached to the cap so that it tethered to the cooler at all times.


Anti-skid Feet – The anti-skid feet is located under this cooler. It is a very important feature that adds friction to the bottom to prevent the ice chest from sliding off surfaces. It is common when you drop the cooler in the back of a truck only to find it displaced from the position you kept it. The feet is floor-friendly as it does not leave marks on your floors.


Transport – It features rope handles with a rubberized grip which are rather easy in the hands. The rope handles are knotted tightly into the sides which do not break off, unlike molded-in handles. However, the rope handles can be unstable, especially when filled with drinks. It becomes hard to lift the cooler on or off a surface. You’ll need help from someone to get the cooler around conveniently.


The warranty of the Magellan is unprecedented – at least to our knowledge. No premium brand offers up to 5 years warranty. Needless to say, you are covered by manufacture defects throughout the warranty period.


Magellan hard coolers come with a set of accessories to help organize your cooler. Consider these accessories a gift as most premium brands don’t ship with accessories, which you have to buy separately. Some of the accessories include;

Built-in opener – Yes, the opener is molded into the cooler which means every you never have to worry about forgetting it at home.

Multi-purpose divider – Hard and tough this divider can serve as partition space in the cooler, and you can take it out and use it as a cutting board.

Wire basket – Ice is likely going to melt, leaving a pool that may drown your food and snacks. You don’t want that, do you? The wire basket is a safe space to keep your snacks, sandwiches free from the menace of water.

Magellan Hard Cooler Sizes

magellan hard cooler sizes

The Magellan hard ice chests come in limited sizes. Despite the limitation, there’s a rational distribution that of sizes that cover the small, medium, and large sizes.

Magellan 25 ice box


The 25 is the smallest cooler in the Magellan line up. It is for short trips like picnics, beach, and tailgating. Given the weight,16.2lbs is relatively light. The external dimension measures 20.5″ x 14″ x 14.1″ and the internal dimension 16.5″ x 10.1″ x 9.8″ meaning it’s portable enough to fit in the back seat of a car. Capacity wise, 27.2 Quart of space is available to pack fewer supplies. If you need a more accommodating model, you have to check out the 40, 50, or 75 models.

Magellan 40 ice box

magellan 40 quart coolerThis 40 quart Magellan cooler comes with almost twice the space and weight of the 25. As you can see, there’s more space to fit in drinks in the 41.95 Quart space. However, it’s heavier at 30lbs. The walls are taller; you can even keep wine bottles upright. The external dimension measures 20″ x 20″ x 19″ and internal 15.5″ x 13.7″ x 14.5.  The most interesting part is the suitcase-style handle, and the sturdy wheels it has that makes transport a breeze.

Magellan 50 ice box

We’ve entered the last two large sizes in the line. The 50 ice box has a 53.8-quart size and can store up to 30 cans of beer and have space to toss ice packs too. The Magellan 50 can cater to a large crowd. If you are always on the road, you will appreciate carrying this model with you. The downside is the increased weight you have to lug. The model has an external space of 30.2″ x 17.2″ x 16.7″ and the internal 24″ x 11.5″ x 10.5″             28.

Magellan 75 ice box

At the time of writing this article, the 75 stands the largest cooler in the Magellan cooler lineup. In terms of space, It blows out the rest with a giant space of 75.2 quarts and 39.8lbs. Rest assured, it can pack supplies for long trips that will last up to a week. Whether it’s fishing hunting or any hard task in the wild, the 75 offers space, insulation, prolonged ice time to keep your catch fresh.

Magellan Soft Cooler Sizes

The Magellan soft side is as we see more developed with a variety of options to choose from.  Soft sides are better options when it comes to portability, convenience, and mobility. Soft coolers are lighter in comparison to a hard cooler that is of the same size. If you want to travel light, the soft models are the best. There’s no such thing as perfect; this applies to soft sides too. The ice life is shorter, limiting the utility during long trips.

Here are some of the most rated Magellan soft cooler on the market:

Magellan Outdoors Frosty Vault

The frosty vault is similar to the Yeti hopper. It comes in different sizes, from the small size that can store 12 cans to large sizes that cater 36 cans.

The quality of the cooler is made to withstand the caprices of outdoor. Interestingly, the exterior is made up of two layers that add to the insulation.

Ice Retention

I’ve you’ve read some of our articles you might have come across this repertoire quote.

A cooler is as good as it retains ice.

I mean what good is cooler if it fails at the primary function to maintain the interior temperature and ensure you savor a chilled drink in the heat of the day. The advent of Rotomolded coolers has exponentially risen the ability of coolers to retain ice for many days.

Now, the good news is Magellan coolers utilize the same process to create Rotomolded coolers which are dubbed the best ice retaining coolers. Magellan coolers are Rotomolded thus the thick sized walls with pressure injected foam for all-round insulation.

Another important thing that helps the ice performance is the high-quality gasket which blocks the space in between the lid and the base. It’s also removable which means you can easily swap it out with another gasket when it weakens.

Aside from ice retention, another advantage of rotomolding is the toughness and strength it adds to the cooler. The cooler has been tested in several tests, and you can see the cooler standing after many falls.

Finally, ice retention in the Magellan varies, some users have reported 4-7 days of ice with the hard side coolers, while some have reported less. The thing is, the amount of ice a cooler can hold depends on how well it’s pack, temperature of the environment and other factors. Also prechilling the cooler and using ice packs with physical ice greatly influences the numbers.

Magellan Vs Yeti

If you read thus far, you will know that the Magellan means business and as such, even draw comparisons from the giant Yeti. The Magellan is a budget choice which puts it at stark difference with the expensive Yeti.

While the Magellan has proven its cost-effectiveness and top-notch features, it comes short of the Yeti in many categories. First is the quality, ice retention, and durability. It will be unfair to say the Yeti is superior to the Magellan given the price difference between these two.

The Magellan price is perfect especially if you are on a budget and you want to get a class cooler. The attractive price, prolonged ice retention, and durability are on its side to buy you in.