Last Updated on July 10, 2021

When it comes to their daily dose of morning coffee, most caffeine junkies want nothing but the very best. To help you choose the best travel mug for your morning commute to work or school, we have compiled an in-depth comparison of the two best brands. Let’s take a closer look at Polar Camel vs Yeti, so that you can figure out which brand suits your needs and aesthetic. Both of these are fantastic brands – yet they’re suited for different people. This comparison will help you to figure out your needs.

Polar Camel vs Yeti for 2021 Review: Key Features, Pros, and Cons

To start off our discussion about Polar Camel vs Yeti, we have prepared a list of all the factors that you need to consider. Go through these factors, and see how the two brands hold up against each other. Here, novice buyers will find all of the info that they need to make an informed and good purchase decision.

1. Performance and Insulation – Polar Camel vs Yeti

If you’re shopping for a mug to keep your drinks cold, then the performance of the mug is one of the most important factors. Both Yeti and Polar Camel mugs are top-of-the-line products that can keep your drinks cold for 12-18 hours. Both of these brands have some selective top-end models that can actually keep your iced drink cold for 24 hours.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel has a range of high-quality insulated travel mugs that can hold approximately 20 oz. of liquid at a go. These top-end models can easily keep your drink cold for 18-20 hours. This is one of the best brands when it comes to high-quality mugs.


Another brand with a loyal fan following is Yeti, which has some of the best on-the-go mugs that you can find. We are particular fans of their ‘Rambler’ series, which can keep any iced drink cold for 24 hours. The Yeti insulation works great for hot drinks as well.

2. Product Variety – Polar Camel vs Yeti

Polar Camel and Yeti might be similar in terms of performance, but Yeti is the clear winner if the product variety is important for you. Polar Camel doesn’t have a lot of variety in the total types of travel mugs it has available. On the other hand, Yeti has a jaw-dropping line of amazing travel mugs, coffee cups, stemless mugs, can insulators, and more.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel manufactures bottles, tumblers, stemless containers, and coffee mugs. Their most popular product is the travel coffee tumbler, which can hold 20 oz. of fluid. Despite being a great product, their mugs don’t have a lot of variety. Just one design can be found in many colors.


On the other hand, Yeti has a fantastic range when it comes to travel mugs, water bottles, barware, and other insulated products. Of particular note is their ‘Rambler’ series, which we mentioned in the previous section also. These mugs and tumblers are perfect for people with heavy-duty needs.

3. Durability and Toughness

One of the main reasons Yeti tumblers are so popular is their amazing durability. Polar Camel products are of very high quality as well, but Yeti tumblers are significantly better in this regard. Both are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. Some Yeti products also incorporate copper and aluminum into their products, to ensure a higher level of performance and durability.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel tumblers are made of 18/8 stainless steel and are pretty hardy. However, they are not dishwasher safe and they don’t really come with any warranty. It is a really great tumbler but the overall durability and hardiness are not one of this brand’s major plus points.


One of Yeti’s USPs is their durability, which is why they are so well-known. Once again, we must talk about their Rambler series, which also happens to be a best-seller. Their mugs are all dishwasher-safe and come with extended 5-year warranties. All in all, Yeti’s durability is A+.

4. Lid Technology

Lid technology can make a major difference in the overall experience you have with any travel mug. A lid that’s too complicated to unlatch can be difficult to use on the go. On the other hand, a lid that’s too loose runs the risk of spilling your iced coffee all over your bag. Let’s take a look at the lid technology you’ll enjoy.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel’s 20 oz. Travel coffee mugs come with a slider lid, which is really easy to use. It is also very easy to clean by hand – sadly, Polar Camel mugs and lids are not dishwasher-safe. But, they can be rather loose and tend to unfasten very frequently.


All of the travel mugs and containers that Yeti produces come with a “MagSlider” lid. It is a very unique design, providing you with a 100% shatterproof and spill-proof way to enjoy your morning dose of coffee. The lid works with the help of magnets, which are totally secure.

5. Design and Customizability

A spartan mug without any designs and furnishings is not everybody’s first choice. Most people want something with a unique design – a mug that stands out from the rest. Both Polar Camel and Yeti have a lot of design choices available. Let’s take a look at the range of choices that you can enjoy from both of the brands listed here.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel mugs all have the same design, but they are available in a wonderful variety of colors. The best part is that you can actually have them etched or engraved with your name, an icon, a design, etc. It’s the best way to make a personal statement.


Yeti mugs have a lot of colors and designs, but there’s no way for you to customize the mug from the start. The Yeti website, however, has an option that will let you get names, monograms, etc. engraved on the mug. However, the process is untidy and also expensive.

6. Range in Capacities

When it comes to travel mugs, there’s actually no “one size fits all” approach. Different people need different amounts of coffee to function throughout the day. Some people need large mugs that can hold 24-28 oz. of fluid. Others can make do with 14-16 oz. of fluid only. Here, we’ll take a look at the range in capacities of these two brands.

Polar Camel

Polar Camel doesn’t have any range at all when it comes to their travel coffee mugs. You can opt for the 15 oz. coffee mugs with handles or the 20 oz. travel mugs without handles. This is pretty much all of the variety in size you can find.


Yeti, on the other hand, has a stunning variety in the overall capacities of coffee and travel mugs that they have. If you look just at their best-selling Rambler lineup of mugs, the tumblers have a range of capacity that includes 10 oz., 14 oz., and 20 oz.

7. Pricing and Affordability

Lastly, one of the most important considerations to take into account while comparing any two products is their pricing and affordability. Even the best product is discarded by many if it is too expensive. In this section, we will take a look at the basic pricing plans of the two brands. We’ll learn if Yeti/Polar Camel is worth the price tag.

Polar Camel

The cost of Polar Camel to-go mugs varies a lot, depending on the seller and the type of mug. The mugs that are plain and unadorned are not that expensive, and range between $8 to $12. But, the engraved mugs can set you back by at least $30.


Yeti mugs are really expensive, and even the simplest Rambler model can set you back by at least $35 to $40. You will have to pay even more money if you decide to get the mug customized or monogrammed. In terms of cost-efficiency, the Yeti is a premium product.

Polar Camel vs Yeti

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Polar Camel as good as Yeti?

In terms of reliability and insulation, the Polar Camel brand can hold its own ground against the Yeti brand. However, the Yeti mugs and travel tumblers are far superior in terms of build quality. The mugs are long-lasting, hardy, easy-to-clean, and very durable.

Is the Polar Camel made by Yeti?

No, Polar Camel and Yeti are two distinct brands that make the same products. They are very popular in the US, which is why they’re the biggest rivals in the travel tumbler sector. Yeti is very well-known for its Rambler series of mugs.

What tumblers are as good as the Yeti?

There are dozens of tumblers that can provide you with the same insulation performance as the Yeti. However, it’s very difficult to find a tumbler that can provide you with the same degree of hardiness and quality that’s provided by the Yeti.

Why are Yeti tumblers so expensive?

You must have noticed that Yeti tumblers all cost upwards of $30, making them one of the priciest brands. They’re so pricey because they’re made using stainless steel and rotomolded PE, which is expensive. The manufacturing and quality control methods are also very extensive.

Is a Yeti Rambler worth the money?

The “Rambler” is the signature product made by the Yeti line. It comes in 10, 14, and 20 oz. versions and millions of Americans swear by their personal Rambler. We think that it’s 100% worth it because of the durability, quality, and performance.

Is Hydro Flask as good as Yeti?

Hydro Flask is an upcoming brand that many people are using these days. They are very good, but they still haven’t been able to reach the fantastic quality of the Yeti. Even when it is dropped, the Rambler doesn’t get a single dent.

Does Walmart sell Yeti?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find any Yeti products on large discount platforms such as Walmart, Target, or even Costco. The best place to buy a Yeti mug is to browse on their own website or to look on a reliable aggregator, such as Amazon.

Which Yeti is best for coffee?

The Yeti Rambler is the best choice to carry your daily dose of coffee. Whether you like it hot or ice-cold, the Rambler will keep your drink fresh. Depending on how much you drink, you can pick the 14 or 20 oz. version.

Do Yeti lids fit Polar Camel mugs?

No, Yeti lids cannot be used with Polar Camel mugs. Yeti lids are designed with MagSlider tech, which means that they can only be used with compatible Yeti products. Any generic slider lid available online will work with a Polar Camel travel tumbler.

How many ounces does a Polar Camel tumbler hold?

Polar Camel tumblers can hold either 15 or 20 oz. of fluid at a time. They don’t have a lot of range, so you have to pick between 15 oz. mug or 20 oz. tumbler for your coffee needs.


So, this is basically all you need about the Polar Camel vs Yeti showdown. Our verdict is this – you should pick a Polar Camel mug if you want something that’s affordable, easily customized, and reliable. However, if you can afford to go for something that’s premium and hardy, then the Yeti mug will be a great choice for you. Make use of our comparison and included facts to make a good decision for yourself!