Last Updated on March 30, 2021

The Siberian coolers are one of the top alternatives to other highly-priced coolers in the market today. If you haven’t heard of them or know so little about them, that is not an issue.
Breaking into the market some three years ago and just making headway with their excellent additions, they are a relative newcomer in the game that brands like Yeti had been dominating for a while.

However, what makes them good competitors? What is it that makes these coolers the go-to options for those that want a better value for their money than what the market is providing?

If you also like a good rotomolded cooler and will like to get the best thing anytime you go shopping, follow through our review of Siberian coolers to see if they are the ideal fit your events.

The naming system is quite a relatable one given the link to how Siberia is a cold place. The Siberian coolers are designed with rotomolded parts, not only does it ensure strength but also, durability and years of use.

The coolers made by the company come in different shapes and sizes to fit in with a different individual or group needs. Part of the reason why they have also been making waves is in detail they take to their designs and constructions.

Understanding the principles of keeping drinks cold and food items fresh for longer, Siberian Coolers never fail in the aesthetic department too.

Now at the stage where they can go head-to-head with a big, veteran brand such as Yeti, they have undoubtedly been able to get something right in their three years of being in the niche cooler market.

Siberian Coolers On Sale

There is no way we are going to know so well about the Siberian coolers if we don’t check out the products they have under their belt. When considering the main cooler section, Siberian Coolers are existent in a variety of two broad product ranges.

The first one, which also follows the classic design of the company, is the Alpha Pro series and coming in behind those are the Outback series. The coolers in each of these series are made to serve the same purpose anyone would want to buy a cooler for but with some differences to boot.

Siberian Alpha Pro Series

Siberian Coolers Alpha Pro Series 45 Quart in Granite Bear Resistant Includes Accessories
  • Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches/Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Reversible E/Z Slide/Non Slip Rubber Feet / Free Shipping
  • Tie Down Strap Slots/Hidden Pad Lock Plates
  • Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty/IGBC Certified Bear Resistant #5139
  • Heavy Duty Wire Basket / Divider Cutting Board/Security Lock Bracket/Beverage Cup Holder

alpha series Siberian coolers

The Alpha Pro series is the most sought-after series from the company. The reason for this is not far-fetched though. They contain those coolers with the most features in the bunch, taking on the most extreme conditions and giving the best performance in there as well as providing an excellent value for money.

Speaking of money, good things don’t come cheap as this series also contains the most expensive Siberian coolers.

The Alpha Pro series was developed in different sizes to keep individual needs in mind. With an array spread over 22, 45, 65 and 85 quarts of different models, there is almost no way a buyer would not get what they were looking for. Should they need bigger space, purchase of multiple cooler units is sure to get the job done.

The smallest model of the series (spaced at 22 quarts) is specially designated the Sidekick by Siberian.

The only other difference this size option has to others is in the handle being an overhead carrier rather than a side handle as found on the bigger sizes.

Of course, that offers a more convenient way of carrying than the others.

Siberian Outback Series

Siberian Coolers 125 Quart Outback Series Granite
  • High End Roto Molded Design 125 quarts Lifetime Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Latches and Hinges
  • Reversible Sticky/Easy Slide Rubber Feet. One Piece Rope Handles
  • Flat Textured Lid With Ruler Guide
  • Tie Down Strap Slots Pad Lock Plates

Siberian Coolers Outback

On close observation, the Outback Series were produced out of the need for a cooler that has the premium features but sacrifices a few options so that good cooler could be more available to those on a budget.

It is the series that offers competitive prices while not sacrificing on customer satisfaction and quality. They also stand out in providing even more storage space as seen from the starting size being pegged at 30 quartz.

The other size options are 50, 82 and 125-quart models. No matter what you need the cooler for, you will be covered by all of the offerings that Siberian has on ground.

Siberian Cooler Features

The Siberian name is fast gaining traction, but what features makes the cooler so alluring to customers in the cooler space? Let’s take a look at some of the important features:


Latches are important to help seal the lid, thus, less exchange of air from the inside and outside increases ice life. The classic Alpha Pro series make use of rubberized latches that clip over a peg for proper securing into place. If you have been using Yeti coolers, you will find out that this latch is almost the same.

The main difference is that the other’s latches are clipped over its ball-and-socket joint instead. Going to the Outback series, stainless steel latches are used instead. This type of latch is worked over the lid and then pushed down in such a way that keeps the lid tightened to the lower lip of the main cooler body. Their ease of use usually makes them a better choice to the rubber latches.


One of the things that we love the most is how Siberian Coolers give you a wide variety of options. Unlike other brands that create just a few selections and force customers to buy more than what they need, you will always be able to find what you want in the Siberian Cooler Collection.

Across the Alpha Pro series and Outback series, for example, are no less than 10 different size options. Their sizes are not even the same, making it a suitable pick for buyers.


Even though you get many options when it comes to sizes, color is the downside of these coolers. They are not lacking in build nor are they poor in aesthetics, but Siberian could undoubtedly improve on offering their coolers in many colors.

Most of the units they develop usually end up having a maximum of 2 colors to choose from. In a time when other brands are offering customers different colors, this could be the difference between winning over or losing an especially choosy customer.


Some coolers have baskets in them. Others come with dividers. The manufacturers took both of these features and slammed them into their units!

Amazing isn’t it?

The wire basket is important for items that you want to separate from the rest of the contents in your cooler. It can also be used to make sure some materials are not as exposed to the ice as others. Anyway, you see fit; you can always go for it.

Another excellent accessory is the divider. This can be used to separate different batches of items from each other in the cooler. Got a family picnic and you’d like to keep everyone’s drinks in different compartments? You need as many dividers.

Siberian dividers are also sturdy enough that they can always serve as cutting board.

No one likes how melted ice makes everything float around, and that is why you get a drain plug on the bottom side of the cooler too.

Personally, I think this plug is a little bit oversized and might take some of the small ice flakes with it also. However, it is the ideal thing for draining large volumes of water at once without exposing the rest of the ice to external heat.

In addition to these accessories, it is commonplace to find other accessories such as hidden lock plates, tie down strap slots and beverage holders in the Siberian cooler. Speaking of beverages, we hope Siberian will take the initiative and add a bottle opener to their next editions


Besides the smallest size in the Siberian Cooler line-up (i.e., the 22-quart offering) which has its handle on the top, all others have been equipped with a side handle. The side handles are made of soft rubber grips for easy handling.

Speaking of handling, the Outback series scores one point over the Alpha Pro offerings in their type of feet.

The latter comes with an anti-skid foot to make sure your cooler doesn’t keep sliding around the whole place when in motion. However, the Outbacks come with the latest technology that called the reversible feet.

On one side, this foot is anti-slide. On the other hand, it allows for sliding. That way, you can make sure the cooler is locked down when in motion and can easily be slid across surfaces when full/ too heavy to carry.

Ice Retention / Insulation

Let’s face it – the reason why you will go to a store and splash money on a cooler is because it is good. When we say good, we mean it can keep your foods fresher for longer and your drinks colder for even much longer.

When it comes to the Siberian ice chests, how do they fare in this regard?

Without mincing words, they are one of the best options you will come across. An average Yeti cooler will be able to keep your ice solid (while still chilling other items in the same box) for anywhere between 5-7 days.

Under certain conditions, you can even get them to keep the ice solid for as much as 7 days. Note that these tests are carried out with the knowledge that the cooler will be opened occasionally in mind.

The reason for this performance is not rocket science.

We have already mentioned that they come with the latest rotomolded build that is now the industry standard for good coolers. Beyond that, the Siberian coolers usually feature as much as 2.7 inches of pressure injected foam insulation to keep the temperature regulated. This is not the thickest on the market but then, does thick always mean best? (Hint: No)

Checking the top gasket of their coolers, you will see that they are made of foam.

Compared to other brands that prefer rubber gaskets (notorious for their gaps too), this is another point that bodes well for Siberian coolers.

Siberian Coolers Replacement Parts

One of the biggest issues consumers have with cooler brands is usually in the lack of replacement parts should things break. It is nice to have a rest of mind that in the case a drain plug gets lost or damaged, a wire basket gives, a latch breaks and so on.
Fortunately, Siberian has thought about all of these and made possible provisions for them.

In the case that you are in need of one or some, the manufacturer has drain plugs, rope handles, extra latches and such accessories on the ground for you.


The type of warranty that comes with a product usually improves its trust rating and peace of mind with using it. That is why every unit of Cooler you buy have a standard lifetime warranty package slapped on it.

For as long as you plan to use your cooler, you will always be able to access the manufacturer with a warranty claim when any ugly issue rears its head.

You should know that this warranty only covers the main cooler itself and not accessories such as the latches, drain plugs and rope handles. Should anything happen to these accessories though, you will always be able to get conveniently and at a fair price.


When benching a cooler against Yeti – who are considered the premium ice chest makers in the market – the pricing package is an excellent place to look.

Checking price comparisons over different models of Siberian and Yeti though, you will realize that you are saving a good deal of money for almost the same features. That is why we will always peg them as having good value for your money.

In all fairness, it should be noted that these Siberian offerings are usually at a close price range to Pelican, Engel and Canyon coolers. But then, in this case, what do they offer you that the Siberian won’t beat?


So, should you buy a Siberian cooler? Absolutely.

They are a relatively new company and are doing everything right. They offer you different size ranges and series to choose from. Their coolers have active replacement parts and on top of that, come with a lifetime warranty. The accessories are almost unbeatable too.

What more is there to look for?