Last Updated on March 24, 2021

The best way to enjoy a Yeti cooler is with its accessories. However, there’s one fat problem.


And you probably know..

They cost an arm and a leg (hypothetically).

You can easily find affordable accessories on the shelf of your local store. Why then break the bank for an overpriced bottle opener?

Well, it depends right – some customers don’t want using just about any random accessory. They want uniformity when using a product and its accessories. Using a different brand just feels out of place and I can understand.

A customer said using the opener is a matter of pride rather than function – (More of a status symbol)

But for users that live by principles of frugality, the Yeti brick bottle opener is not just worth the price. It turns out Yeti has a cheap bottle opener that costs less than $10 which comes as a relief.

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener Key Features



And Boy is the bottle opener heavy?

It weighs up to 3/4 pounds. Asides, opening bottles you can provisionally use it as a sledgehammer (Pun intended). Because you can don’t mean you should. Even Yeti called for caution when using the opener as it can cause harm to your body.
In their words

“Keep your toes guarded – this bottle opener can do some damage”

And you should have kept the weight down to a factor of safety, we won’t be all paranoid that an opener can turn into a vice.


yeti opener

The appearance sure looks sleek and polished that it can garner lots of attention. Holding the opener is comfortable and users can easily wrap their hands around the body for a secure grip. It has a hole in the tail which you can attach to a key. Yeti wastes no time to etch their name on the sides like a proud father standing to identify with his son on award night.


The looks say it all. There’s no way on earth you can destroy this bottle opener without intentionally trying to do so. Yes, it will last years of abuse.


Is the Brick Bottle Opener Worth it?

Just as it is with many Yeti products – it always comes down to the question of price. And if you ask me, I’d say it depends. You can easily find a bottle opener that’s way less cheap and efficient for many years of use. However, as I’ve said earlier if you want to make a statement, then you can go ahead and buy it.

What Other Useful Accessories does Yeti have?

Yeti boasts of a wide array of accessories for coolers. You can check out all Yeti accessories on their website. We also have curated some of the most useful cooler accessories here.

Where to Buy Yeti Brick Opener?

This opener production is limited in production. As a matter of fact, you can only find it on the Yeti official website.

Can It Open Wine bottles?

Unfortunately, as far as function goes, you can only use it to flip bottle caps and that’s about it.